16 Specials volunteer for Basildon operation

Specials from Basildon Local Policing Team volunteered their free time for an operation dealing with anti-social behaviour, mental health and traffic offences. 

On Sunday, October 7, Special Constables took part in an operation, led by Special Inspector Kelly Bingham (pictured: middle), which allowed regular officers from Basildon Local Policing Team more time to deal with their existing cases.

Across an eight hour period, our Specials dealt with a number of reports of domestic disturbances and mental health related incidents in the Basildon district.

They also checked vehicles to make sure the drivers held valid insurance, MOTs and licences.

SC Martyn Nichols from Basildon Community Policing Team attended one of the mental health related incidents which involved a young woman in her twenties who was suffering from an episode of poor mental health. After spending some time talking to her and checking that she was safe, Martyn advised her to contact her mental health support team for the help she needed.

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