£56 million to boost business productivity

  • Businesses around the country are set to benefit from government-backed schemes to boost productivity
  • funding allocated to support management and leadership training for small businesses and place graduates into workplaces to tackle complex management issues
  • government review also outlines actions businesses can take to become more profitable and productive

Businesses will benefit from a £56 million funding boost to drive up productivity across the UK economy, Business Minister Kelly Tolhurst announced today (Tuesday 5 November).

The funding, announced at Budget 2018, supports the findings of a joint report by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and HM Treasury, published today, which sets out 10 key actions that will support businesses to become more productive. It finds that businesses of all sizes that embrace the best leadership and management models and techniques, as well as adopting tried-and-tested technologies, are more profitable, productive and are better to work for. The review advises businesses to:

  • enhance leadership skills and drive up good management practices in SME business leaders
  • harness the benefits of technology, such as on-line accountancy software and customer relationship management (CRM) software
  • seek external support and advice from peers
  • benchmark their performance against their competitors using Be the Business’ benchmarking tool to find out how to improve performance

To drive this forward, the support being made available to businesses includes:

  • 11 million to create a Small Business Leadership Programme, to provide small business leaders with leadership training
  • £20 million to strengthen local networks to focus on business improvement, so that the UK’s business leaders can learn from each other about management excellence and technology adoption. The support networks will be locally focussed to ensure local needs and priorities are considered
  • challenging the UK’s leading businesses to sign up to a new Be the Business mentoring programme for SMEs
  • creating a partnership between the government, professional services firms, large banks and technology firms, to reach out to UK companies and support them to adopt new management practices and modern business tools. This outreach will focus on businesses that do not normally engage with government.
  • a further £25 million to expand Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) programme, getting over 200 additional graduates with relevant skills placed into businesses with complex management issues to translate their research insights into business growth. There will be a dedicated management KTP round which will open on 12 December 2019 and closes on 19 February

The UK has some of the world’s most productive businesses and has a strong business environment with up to 1,075 businesses starting every day. The UK ranks as one of the best places in the world to start and grow a business.

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