A candid chat with Essex film director Richard Colton

Richard Colton was recently at the helm of hit film Dead Ringer, we sat down to find out more from him.


1. Richard, your latest film Dead Ringer was released to good reviews – how does this feel?

That’s awesome to be able to show something and be proud of it is one thing but to have the audience engage and enjoy it back is something else. Right now I couldn’t be happier.

2. Do you always bring a part of Essex to your films ?

You noticed, of course, why not, my producer and I are both from Essex, so it makes our job easier as we know the locations. Also parts of Essex look so stunning on camera as you can see on Dead Ringer. Finally for we’ve found Essex to be an untapped resource because nobody apart from maybe TOWIE uses it to film in.

3. Who inspires you as a director ?

There’s no one Director really. As a film fan I have have enjoyed the work of so many for so many different reasons. Chris Nolan, Stephen Speilburg, Alfred Hitchcock the list goes on. Also as you know I was an editor for years and have worked with many great Directors on a one to one basis so they inspire me too and quite often I have found myself using little techniques that I have seen them use before.

4. Essex Lowdown included your name in a list of leaked potential “EssexPower100 list inductees” for this year – how does it feel to learn that you could be named amongst some of the most influential people in Essex ?

Very humbled and honoured. Wow can’t believe it to be honest, my only hope in life is to bring a little entertainment and fun to peoples lives. Awards are very secondary and not expected.

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