Actress Gigi Cesare sets herself as one to watch

Actress Gigi Cesare or Gigi as she is otherwise known might only be 12years old but she has set herself as one to watch.

The young star with Hollywood in the horizon told an outlet earlier this year ” I really admire what Angelina Jolie has done with her professional and personal passions using her platform as an actress in countries and communities that need help”

It is no doubt that she will soon become a household name, especially after her nomination for a 2017 Imagen Award for Best Actress in a Feature Film, nominated alongside Hollywood stars Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria and Edy Ganem.

Her previous work includes films with F. Murray Abraham, Olympia Dukakis, Ralph Macchio and Jane The Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez (Past Imagen Award Winner) and Fatima Ptacek (Voice of Dora The Explorer, also Imagen Winner). Having played the role of Jessy in the first film of the Street series (International runaway hit MMA franchise) Gigi will reprise her role in Street 2 Death Fight starring opposite Transformer’s Mark Ryan (and a yet to be named pop star in the title role) which films this fall in Asia and LA.

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