An independent mortgage broker in Essex is set to launch a new mortgage comparison platform

An independent mortgage broker, based in Essex, is set to launch a new mortgage comparison platform in September – Mortgages.Online. Paul Flavin, of Zing Mortgages, is rolling out Mortgages.Online in early September to rival the likes of Habito and Trussle. This new service is a mortgage comparison website with a difference – 20 years of expertise in the mortgage sector behind its creation.

The Managing Director, Paul Flavin, set up Zing mortgages back in 2010, and has vast experience in the mortgage industry prior to this. Mortgages.Online focused on building a website that pairs the hassle-free experience of an online mortgage search, with years of industry expertise powering its site and staff.

Whilst another online mortgage broker may seem to be lost in the crowd, Mortgages.Online stands out from the rest. It’s a website built with experience, customer service and expertise at the heart of its tech.

The new platform has been set up by Zing Mortgages, winners of Best overall Company at the European Business Excellence Forum back in 2016 & Best Customer Service Provider in 2017.

Mortgages.Online has three unique focuses for their product. A tool driven by technology, mortgages and customer experience, and whilst admittedly it’s not a new concept, Mortgages.Online believes it understands the mortgage market better than its competitors.

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