Another fantastic year for education in Essex draws to a close

Essex schools capped another excellent year after statistics confirmed the percentage of Key Stage 2 pupils achieving the expected standard was above the national average.

Revised data released by the Department for Education alongside the annual primary school performance tables today shows 63 per cent of the county’s Year 6 pupils achieved at least the expected standard in the combined reading, writing and maths measure, compared to an England average of 62 per cent.
78 per cent of 11-year-olds in the county achieved at least the expected standard in writing in 2017 – above the national average of 77 per cent.
In maths, 77 per cent achieved the expected standard, compared with 75 per cent nationally.
In reading, 74 per cent reached at least the expected standard, again higher than the England average of 72 per cent.
All of the Essex figures are also up compared with 2016, which was the first year since the government’s new measures had been introduced.

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