Basildon Borough Publication Local Plan recommended to Full Council

Basildon councillors on the Infrastructure, Growth and Development committee have recommended a Local Plan which will now be considered by all councillors at a Council meeting on Thursday 22 March.

The committee made their decision on Monday night at a meeting in Basildon’s Sporting Village attended by around 750 people and 2,888 live visits to the council’s debut webcast service.

The meeting, which started at 7pm and finished at 3.50am, heard from more than 30 residents invited by Chairman, Cllr Linda Allport-Hodge, to make their views known to the committee.

Cllr Linda Allport-Hodge, Chairman of the Infrastructure, Growth and Development Committee, said: “I want to thank those who came to the meeting and to those who addressed the committee. The Local Plan is probably the biggest decision the council has to make and it is important that the process is transparent and open to public scrutiny.

“I also want to thank committee members for their diligence over the past 10 months. The work of the committee has been extremely complex. I am pleased we are now able to present to Council a Local Plan that does as much as we can, within the very tight limits Government has put on us.

“The Local Plan, recommended to Council sees a fair and equitable distribution of our housing need across each of three Townships of Basildon, Billericay and Wickford based on an agreed spatial strategy.

“This plan achieves growth and defends community spaces, protects against the negative impact of urban sprawl and encourages the right infrastructure.

“I hope that Council understands this and recognises the importance of agreeing our own plan rather than having a plan imposed by central Government with no regard for the wishes of local people.”

The Local Plan will set out the Council’s strategy for development and growth in Basildon borough up to 2034 and the planning policies that will be applied in assessing planning applications during that period. It will determine what will be built where. Key elements of the plan recommended by the committee include:

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