Basildon Council working to tackle unauthorised encampments in borough

Basildon Council worked closely with the police and Essex Countywide Traveller Unit (ECTU) to tackle unauthorised traveller encampments in the borough over the weekend.

On Friday night (16 February), a large group of travellers entered vacant industrial premises once occupied by Kongsberg Automotive, situated on the corner of Christopher Martin Road and Honywood Road.

Basildon Council officers attended the scene the following day to inform the trespassers that they were in breach of a High Court injunction and warned them to vacate or face committal proceedings. The injunction was obtained by the Council in November last year preventing unauthorised encampments at specified industrial and park areas within the borough that had been targeted by travellers over the last couple of years.

Later the same day a Section 61 Direction was served by Essex Police requesting the travellers leave this location.

The travellers then moved on to land at Westmayne. The grassed area was damaged by vehicles moving on and off the site, litter was strewn across a large area and a large gas cylinder discarded.

The travellers moved to the customer car park at Tesco, in Mandeville Way, yesterday morning (Sunday 18 February). The group have now left the car park but are known to be still in the borough. Police, Council and ECTU Officers are continuing to monitor the situation and will take appropriate action as required.

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