Basildon drug dealer caught with more than 100 wraps jailed

A drug dealer who concealed more than 100 wraps of Class A drugs in his bottom has been jailed for 34-months.

Terrence Dufeal, 21, was found concealing 114 wraps of the Class A drugs heroin and cocaine in his bottom when he was arrested by officers from the South Operation Raptor team.
Basildon Crown Court heard how officers from the team were patrolling in Basildon on April 4 this year when they became suspicious of a silver BMW.
They stopped the car, which was being driven by Dufeal, who refused to open his mouth and is believed to have swallowed the drugs he was about to deal.
Officers searched the car and found various phones as well as a toilet roll and Vaseline.
Dufeal of Teviot Street, Poplar, East London was arrested and taken into custody where he was strip-searched and it became clear he had concealed his haul of drugs in his bottom – a practice known as “plugging” which is commonly used by drug dealers.
Dufeal refused to go to the toilet or eat food but the next day he passed 114 wraps of Class A drugs.

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