Bloom & Wild explores Christmas tree traditions from around the world

To celebrate the start of the Christmas season, Bloom & Wild has created an informative and festive infographic that explores global Christmas tree traditions and highlights the significance of the Christmas tree around the world.

The infographic also details British Christmas tree and Christmas décor trends and rituals. With around £2.3 billion each year being spent on Christmas trees and decorations, it’s clear that the Christmas tree is still very much a mainstay in British culture during the festive period.

Bloom & Wild’s infographic reveals some little known facts and figures, as well as guidance on the maintenance of Christmas trees.

For example:

The most popular Christmas tree in British homes is the Nordmann fir
A freshly cut Christmas tree should last up to 4 weeks
The best time to put up a freshly cut Christmas tree is between the 1st and 11th of December
If a Christmas tree is not taken down by the 5th of January it’s considered bad luck in the UK
It takes the average Christmas tree 8 years to grow to optimum Christmas tree size

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