BREXIT sees demand for qualified accountants soar

Demand for qualified accountants to work on a contract basis within commerce and industry rose by 57% between March 2016 and February 2017 as firms increasingly look to bring in senior expertise without the commitment of permanent headcount costs. That is according to market analysis from specialist recruiter, Global Accounting Network.

Commenting on the rise in vacancies, Marc Harris, Interim Management & Executive Search specialist at Global Accounting Network said:

“Although the use of interims in accountancy has long been a way for firms to cover long-term absence or get over the finish line at year-end, it is only in recent months that we have experienced a real boom in demand for very senior accounting professionals to work in-house on a project basis.”
“This can likely be attributed to external factors such as Brexit and an associated need to bring on board specialist expertise, coupled with a reluctance to hire on a permanent basis.”

“From an employer’s perspective, investing in an experienced interim, rather than going down the consultancy route, offers fast-track access to a seasoned professional who knows how to get results. In times of change, or during a permanent headcount freeze, the insight that interims can offer around restructuring, cost-saving or relocating is invaluable.”

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