Call For Politicians to Reject Language of Division

Leading genocide education charities have come together in a call for politicians of all parties to reject the language of division during the election campaign.

Recent political campaigns in this country, and across the world, have been sadly characterized by dehumanizing “us vs them” rhetoric and the charities warn that the consequences of continuing such a trend could be very dangerous.

As genocide charities, Remembering Srebrenica, The Aegis Trust, The National Holocaust Centre and The Holocaust Survivors’ Friendship Association are all too aware of what can happen if the language of fear, division and hatred is allowed to flourish, so all four charities are calling on politicians to reject such language and campaign using the language of unity, respect and fairness.

Remembering Srebrenica Chairman, Dr Waqar Azmi OBE, said:

“It is vital that our country shows strength and leadership. Only 22 years ago, genocide happened in Srebrenica in Europe when nationalists waged a campaign denigrating Muslims as ‘The Other’, which spread fear, leading to discrimination, dehumanisation and persecution. Our politicians can ensure that we do not go down that road ever again and bring communities together by learning the lessons from the past to create a better future.”