A candid chat with band – Strange Theories

Strange Theories have set themselves up as the band to watch. They are working on a new album so we thought we would pull them in for a chat.

– How did the name Strange Theories come about?
When first started, we were having trouble coming up with a name that accurately described part of who we are. As a joke, we used an online band name generator just to see what it would spit out to us, but one of those names resonated. We’re always making up hypothetical situations and thinking about any of the other crazy stuff that goes through our heads, so we found that Strange Theories was a good fit for us.

– Who are the members of the band and how did you meet?
We have four members: Gabe Broussard (Lead vocals/guitar), Parker Ardoin (Vocals/guitar), Lane Foreman (Drums), and Stephan Palumbo (Bass). Before Stephan joined our group, we had discovered each other through a local music school and mutual friends. Later on, we found Stephan through another friend, and at the time he wasn’t even a bass player. After we asked him to join, he transitioned to bass and we’ve had this lineup ever since.

– What challenges do you face as an upcoming band?
Challenges we face are probably par for the course as most other bands trying to rise in the industry. We are always trying to reach new audiences and give people a reason to enjoy our music. We want to have a connection with our fans that gives them a sense of participation in something larger than they are, something that makes those who enjoy listening to us unique.

– What can you tell us about your upcoming album?
We don’t want to spoil to much, but our next E.P. is definitely switch up in feel from our last record. We are improving every aspect of ourselves, and we can’t wait to share that with our audience.

– You had a few LA shows in summer, how was that experience for you?
Playing and gaining traction in Louisiana is difficult because of the expectations set by the music industry in our area. In a place dominated by country and cajun music, it is refreshing to give people a taste of something they aren’t accustomed to. We love when we play shows with the genres that dominate our area, only to give the audience a performance they weren’t expecting. We have made many new fans this way and gained respect from other artists who truly understand that we don’t care about what’s popular, and that we will always make music that is true to ourselves and those who enjoy it.

Keep updated on their work here: https://www.strangetheoriesband.com/epk

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