A candid sit down with Karma Butler

Q. Tell our readers who is Karma Butler
KB – I am originally from New York City, and have lived up and down both the east,
and west coasts. I live vicariously through the world of entertainment as a
recording artist, actor, dancer, choreographer, model, and producer with twentyfive
years of professional industry credits. I have a strong passion for inspiring
our youth to be the best that they can be while mentoring loving themselves,
dreaming big dreams, and achieving their goals. My hobbies include swimming,
collecting innovative LED lighting, computer technology, reading motivational,
and business books, and traveling. On a daily basis I am fun, focused, fearless,
and living life to the fullest.

Q. For someone that has been in the music game from a young age, what have
you seen change in yourself from your choir days?

KB – Since my young days of singing in a church choir I am blessed being surrounded
by family members, and friends that are seasoned professionals in the
entertainment industry. These television celebrities, Broadway stars, and a top
Billboard charting recording artist have all inspired me to gut check myself as to
how can I utilize my many years of training in the Performing Arts to be the best
artist that I can be. Believe it or not, I am extremely introverted. I have noticed
over the years a positive change in my ability to share my story through music,
interviews, and performances. This has made me take a strong look at the man in
the mirror, and has helped me to identify my morals, weaknesses, strengths, and
opportunities in life. While this places me in a vulnerable position that can
sometimes be very uncomfortable, the experiences often ends up being very
rewarding in personal, and professional growth.

Q. Your debut EP 5517 has released to critical acclaim, what was the inspiration
behind that?

KB – I was depressed for a while after several of life’s situations piling on top of me. I
am usually the positive, and uplifting spark in a crowd that is energized, and
motivating others, so this depression caught me off guard, as well as others
around me that know me very well. I am thankful for family, and friends that
encouraged me to continue to overcome my obstacles that were burdening me. I
was encouraged to focus on the positive things that I have achieved during my
journey in life. This is when I decided to complete a life long dream of mine to
release a solo album featuring songs that I had a major hand in producing, and
writing. I decided to release a smaller version of a full album, an EP, to get my
feet wet. I made a commitment to myself that I would release an album that had
variety, that shared the true characteristics of my personality, and that uplifted
listeners with fun-filled dance tracks that were infectious. This is how my debut
EP ‘5517’ was created, and released to its current acclaim. I honestly did not
think that the release of my debut EP would gain me being featured in magazines,
on radio interviews, and in the media. I am excited for the results of this
wonderful journey because I have put in tremendous “blood, sweat, and tears”
into ‘5517’. My music is being played on radio stations, is hopefully inspiring
others, and that means the world to me.

Q. You also wear various hats such as acting and modeling – how do you balance

KB – I was trained at a young age how to balance a revolving life of show business as
an entertainer, as well as the business/production side of the industry. I went to a
regular high school for four classes per day in the morning to get my academics
completed. Then I went to my school for the arts for several hours per day in the
afternoon majoring in Performing Arts. Then I would have rehearsals for shows
that would travel as far as Japan for several hours into the late evening. In
addition I had a talent agent that would book me as a professional actor on
television gigs occasionally.

I was also the Production Manager for my traveling
performance show choir “The Voices of Virginia” so I learned the
business/production side of things as well. I did all of this consistently for four
years while in high School. I believe this is where my passion, and ability to sing,
dance, act, model, and produce professionally in entertainment as an adult stems
from. I have grown to excel in the area of “balance” through self-discipline, goal
setting, perseverance, and never quitting on my dreams.

Q. What can we expect from you in the rest of 2017?
KB – In the rest of 2017 everyone can expect ‘5517’ to reach prolific heights
throughout the world of music. More trendy, and fashionable designs will be
released at www.GetGoodKarmaStore.com through my clothing, and accessory
line, “Get Good Karma.” Most exciting is the beginning stages of a new single to
be released on my record label, Hear Karmic Music, that is currently in preproduction,
that is hopeful to have a release date shared by the end of 2017.
Finally traveling as a motivational speaker to inspire, and motivate our youth is a
priority on my 2017 calendar.


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