Colchester based UK Belgica Ltd get Animal medicines improvement notice

This notice was issued to UK Belgica Ltd, Colchester, Essex

The following contravened the Veterinary Medicines Regulation (VMR) 2013:

  • Importation, possession and supply of non-UK authorised veterinary medicinal products without the appropriate certificates granted by the secretary of state, contrary to Regulations 25, 26 & 27 of the VMR
  • All veterinary medicinal products (other than AVM-GSL & Schedule 6 products) have not been authorised individually before the product is supplied, contrary to Schedule 3, Paragraph 9 (1) of the VMR
  • Veterinary medicinal products (other than AVM-GSL & Schedule 6 products) have been supplied from trade stands at shows which were not registered premises, contrary to Schedule 3, paragraph 8(1) of the VMR

The improvements required:

  • All importations, possessions & supplies of non UK authorised products must only be in accordance with a valid SIC (which is obtained prior to importation)
  • All supplies of veterinary medicinal products (prescribed under the veterinary cascade) must be individually authorised by a veterinary surgeon prior to supply
  • Trade stands must only stock & supply veterinary medicinal products classified as AVM-GSL & Schedule 6, unless the stand has been registered/approved appropriately

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