Colchester stalker who was identified through social media appeal jailed

A man who sexually assaulted and stalked a woman in Colchester before being identified by two teenage victims who recognised him in our social media appeal has been jailed.

Samuel Apenteng, 33, of Bardsley Close, Colchester, received 10 months for sexual assault, two month sentences for two counts of stalking, to run consecutively, and six months for stalking involving fear of violence, to run concurrently, at Chelmsford Crown Court today, Wednesday, November 21,

He was found guilty following a trial that concluded yesterday. An application was not submitted for restraining orders due to Apenteng’s immigration status.

On Friday, June 30, a woman bravely took a picture of Apenteng (displayed) after he had stalked her for three months and had sexually assaulted her.

The woman reported that he would often made personal comments to her about her appearance and clothing and these comments made her feel uncomfortable and caused distress.

She also said that he would touch her and pulled her legs open as she sat on a bus.

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