Coppercoat to feature at London Boat Show

Aquarius Marine Coatings Ltd will showcase its multi-season anti-foul coating, Coppercoat, at London Boat Show. The most successful long lasting anti-foul treatment offered on the market, Coppercoat has been developed to provide unrivalled underwater protection for sailing yachts and motor vessels. A single treatment of Coppercoat can provide fouling protection for up to 10 years or more, saving valuable time and cost of annual applications of traditional antifouling.

A combination of the solvent-free epoxy resin and high purity (99%) copper provides powerful, long term protection against the majority of water-borne organisms that can attack a hull, keeping the vessel clear of marine growth. The hard, smooth epoxy surface can be easily wiped clean of any slime improving hull speed and fuel efficiency, season after season.

Jayson Kenny, Director of Coppercoat, said: “Coppercoat was introduced to the yachting market 25 years ago. We are therefore highly experienced in the application of our products to all substrates including wood, GRP and aluminium. Several of the boats treated back in the early 1990’s have now enjoyed over 20 years of immersion with no anti-foul reapplications necessary, providing their owners with significant financial savings during that time with the advantage of the epoxy base assisting in anti-osmosis protection in GRP hulls. Attending London will allow us to explain the unique advantages of Coppercoat and Coppercoat- Superyacht to a widespread audience, allowing different markets to benefit from this anti-fouling revolution.”

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