Drug dealers sentenced for dealing in Southend

Four people have been sentenced for their involvement in supplying Class A drugs on the streets of Southend.

Basildon Crown Court was told how on May 15 last year officers from the Southend Operation Raptor team were patrolling Napier Avenue in Southend.

They spotted 37-year-old Colin Stewart on a bicycle who, on noticing them, shouted up to a first-floor window to tell the occupants police were outside.

The officers heard a loud noise which they believed to be a loft ladder coming down. They went inside where they found 36-year-old Tara Rogers hiding inside. They searched the loft and found numerous wraps of Class A drugs. Stewart and Rogers, both of Napier Avenue, were arrested.

As part of their continued investigation into the pair the Southend Operation Raptor executed a warrant at a property in Napier Avenue, Southend on October 4 last year.

As they entered they found two drug dealers sat at a table cutting, weighing and preparing wraps of the Class A drugs crack and heroin.

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