Easy Tricks to De-Clutter your Mind & Minimize Distractions

By Lyman A. Montgomery

Being surrounded by heaps of noise, entertaining distractions, notification pop ups, and beguiling social media trends that keep us fixated to our screens prevent us from focusing our energies on the tasks at hand. And this unending loop of distractions delays our deadlines, preventing us from finishing the task we set out to complete.

Truth be told, focus is ultimately all about priorities and clever scheduling. All you need is a few lifestyle changes to minimize these horrid distractions and regain your focus at work.

Let’s take a look at what it takes to adopt a minimalist lifestyle with minimal distractions:

1. Distance yourself from your Phone
When you’re working, make sure that your phone isn’t around to distract you. Now, you may be worried about missing some important calls, but hey, if you’re working for 10 minutes and surfing on your phone for the next half hour, how will you get any work done on time? We advise turning your phone on silent, and putting it in the drawer until you’ve finished the tasks you set out to complete.

2. Schedule Social Media Usage
When we check our emails, along with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram notifications all day long, we create the biggest distraction to detract us from our work. And then, there’s Snapchat that requires you to post every big little detail of your day. But there’s an easy way to minimize these distractions, all you have to do is turn off these social media notifications, and make a habit of checking your profiles no more than twice a day, or in your free time.

3. Concentrate on Work Tabs
If you’re constantly working on the computer, be sure to only access the online platforms and programs related to the task at hand. If the distractions are too uncontrollable, just activate the full-screen mode to minimize them. And if you’re writing something or compiling some sort of data, just turn off your internet after obtaining the essential information, and turn it back on once you’re done.

4. Finish your Shorter Projects At Once
Unfinished projects tend to pile up on our desks if we don’t schedule them effectively. If you have a project that can be tackled in say 5 minutes, 20 minutes or half an hour, finish them immediately and get them quickly off your desk so you can get started on the lengthier ones that will take more time. Try to set targets in your mind as to how long you will take to complete a certain task and then, stick to that target until the work is finished.
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