Essex & Herts Air Ambulance gets support from Harrods Aviation Ltd and London Luton Airport

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (EHAAT) is to receive support from Harrods Aviation Ltd and London Luton Airport (LLA).

Harrods Aviation Ltd, a specialist private aviation operator at LLA, has agreed to waive all landing charges and handling costs if one of EHAAT’s helicopters needs to call at the airport, while London Luton Airport has agreed to supply fuel free of charge.

EHAAT provides Helicopter Emergency Medical Services across Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas including Bedfordshire. As a result, crews can find themselves tasked to deal with an emergency at LLA or in the nearby area.

Whilst LLA has never charged landing fees in the event of an emergency at the airport, the new arrangement means that the life-saving charity can now use LLA as a pit stop without incurring any charges.

Cliff Gale, Operations Director of EHAAT said: “As a Charity we are grateful for all the support we get to keep us flying and we are always looking for ways of supporting our essential costs.

“This gesture from Harrods Aviation and London Luton Airport is particularly welcome has it comes from two organisations in the aviation world that we work closely with.”

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