Essex locals commended alongside officers for saving a man’s life

Three members of the public and three police officers have received commendations during a special ceremony at Essex Police’s Headquarters last week on Friday August 18.

Dc Joe Ali and Pc Rory Phillips from our Operation Raptor team received commendations alongside student officer Pc Megan Gargate, security guard Michael Plakhtienko and two other members of the public. A Chief Constable’s commendation is one of the highest accolades a Chief Constable can give.

In October 2015, Joe and Rory were called to an incident at Festival Leisure Park in Basildon after there were concerns for a man who was on the roof of a building.

When they arrived at the scene, two security guards, Megan Gargate and Michael Plakhtienko, were negotiating with the man who was near the edge of the roof and highly distressed.

In fear for the man’s safety, Rory quickly approached the man whilst the others were negotiating with him and was able to pull him away from the edge to prevent him from falling. In doing so, Rory had to get very close to the edge himself and fearing for his safety, Joe reached out to grab hold of him.

Once the man was safely away from the edge of the roof, the team reassured him that they were there to help him. He was detained under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act.

Two members of the public also received commendations for their part in saving the man.

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