Essex Police welcome TEN new constables

Ten Special Constables proudly attested last during a special ceremony at Essex Police HQ in Chelmsford.

After completing a four week intensive training course to equip them with the same policing powers as regular colleagues, the Specials took their oaths in front of Justice of the Peace Dawn Roche, Assistant Chief Constable Pippa Mills and Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Gardner and were presented with a Certificate of Attestation and a warrant card.

Each Special Constable was introduced by Deputy Chief Officer Derek Hopkins in front of their proud loved ones, senior officers and other Special Constables in their area that attended to welcome them into the force.

Mr Hopkins, who has been a serving Special for over 37 years, introduced each Special and announced which area they would be posted to before inviting them to take to the stage and swear in.

After all of the officers attested and received their Certificate of Attestation, Mrs Roche addressed the friends and families of the Specials.

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