Essex’s most influential film producer Amar Adatia discusses films and current projects in interview

After making 2018’s EssexPower100 list, Amar Adatia has become an influential film producer within the British film scene – we had a chat with him to found out how it’s all going!

Q. Amar, how does producing films make you feel?

Honestly only a mother knows what it feels like giving birth and seeing her baby grow from a baby into a adult and exactly what she goes through as a mother I feel like that as a producer. From reading the initial script to then finding the finance and then casting the movie and from then filming the movie to seeing it complete at the premiere which for me is the birth or the film. The first time an audience get to see it and see the fruit of my labour.

It’s such an immense feeling seeing a creation come to life and no words can express how I feel each time I make a movie each time they get better and better.

Q. You scooped the Essex Talent Of The Year Award last year – how did that feel?

Being recognised for my talents and achievements as an actor and film maker was such a humbling feeling. I never got into this to wins awards or for gratitude. I genuinely want to just make people smile and forget about their life’s worries and strife’s for 90 minutes at a time. But it’s amazing and I’m every so grateful that I won this and only hope I can keep doing essex proud being born and bred here.

Q. What challenges do you face when making low budget movies?

Firstly people thing we have money that grows on trees. People don’t understand the hustle that goes into making low budget features. Luckily I have a great team around me and people who understand and trust me that I am going make these films work. So yes a lot is asking people for favours but in the end it’s all about being humble and people sharing the same vision as you and all working to the same goals.

Q. You are already working on Dead Ringer 2 – what can we expect in that one?

Dead ringer two is literally at the script stage and obviously my main focus is on making Dead Ringer one a massive success which premieres in September to then hopefully get the go ahead to make number two. But for now I’ve just completed filming a movie called the seven and also my movie dangerous game premieres on tv this Saturday 4th August on together tv so this excites me that the world will finally get to see it on the small screen.

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