Established mobile games company, Stick Sports embraces blockchain

Mobile games company Stick Sports Ltd., creator of Stick Cricket and Stick Tennis, is seizing the opportunity offered by blockchain to disrupt the status quo in the free-to-play mobile games environment.

The disruption centres around player ownership of assets in a game. To date, assets in games are essentially licensed to the player by the publisher, but Stick Sports’ upcoming reboot of their Stick Cricket game will utilise blockchain technology to allow players to authentically own the assets they buy, win, earn or otherwise create while playing. Players will be able to record their own history on items – making them truly unique – as well as being able to own, trade, loan, customise and develop the key components of a game. Assets will have real-world value both inside and outside of the game environment.

Stick Sports’ founders believe that this development is the natural evolution for the games industry, now made possible by blockchain tech. With a focus on the players, it transforms their role from consumers to stakeholders with genuine investment in the success and development of the game they’re playing.

Current Situation

Currently blockchain-enabled games present significant barriers to entry for the average gamer not interested in cryptocurrencies. Crypto-games often feature limited or monotonous gameplay and, accordingly, achieve underwhelming daily active users.

Stick Sports believes that players of blockchain-enabled games should not by necessity be cryptocurrency early adopters, but simply gamers. With this end in mind, they’ve committed to creating a suite of technologies that brings blockchain to gamers rather than gamers to blockchain.

Their upcoming reboot aims to introduce blockchain transparently and seamlessly into the hugely popular Stick Cricket game, without any of the barriers that are a turn-off for regular players. The current game boasts 450,000 daily active users, making it primed for major adoption.

A Change Is Coming

Paul Collins, Stick Sports Founder and CEO believes that this development will signify a fundamental change in the relationship between the player, the publisher, and commercial partners – a change equivalent to the profound impact caused by the arrival of mobile games and the free-to-play monetisation model. “After this shift,” he says, “there will be no going back for the industry.”

However, he maintains that, where currently available blockchain-enabled games tend to become complicated or tedious, Stick Sports will keep their main focus on maintaining the user-friendliness and playability that characterises its titles, with fun and addictive skill mechanics and simple and fast-flowing gameplay. “We’ll continue making games for gamers.”

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