EU invests almost €30 million to improve Digital Service Infrastructures

CEF Telecom funding supports projects of common interest that will deploy Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs) across the EU. These actions will contribute to enhancing networked cross-border services, improving the daily lives of citizens, businesses and public administrations and the development of a Digital Single Market.

The results of the 2016-3 CEF Telecom call are as follows:

  • Automated Translation: €6 million will be granted to 6 proposals with applicants from 16 EU Member States and Iceland, to improve the quality and coverage of automated translation especially in the public sector – thereby facilitating cross-border information exchange for citizens, businesses and administrations
  • Cyber Security: the 14 selected proposals receiving €10.8 million in funding and with applicants from 14 EU Member States will create, maintain or expand national capacities to run a range of cybersecurity services, in order to allow Member States to participate on an equal footing in the existing cooperation mechanisms
  • eInvoicing: 15 proposals worth €10.4 million with applicants from 21 EU Member States and Norway have been selected in order to support the uptake of electronic invoicing solutions among public administrations and the upcoming European standard on e-Invoicing, contributing to the digital transformation of eProcurement
  • Europeana: 3 proposals with applicants from 15 EU Member States and Serbia will receive €2 million to help showcase the cultural treasures of Europe via the Europeana platform.