EXCLUSIVE: Genie Ems Interview: Actress, Movie Scripts & Novels

Genie Ems is an actress, scriptwriter, and novel author. She has released multiple books on barnes and nobels.  Read our quick bio & interview

Below is extracts from our chat with Genie Ems.


Genie Ems started acting at a younger age, but professionally at the age of 15. When she was just 16 years old, she participated in a University talent search in the US and she was offered an acting scholarship to the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts.  Genie has switched a couple of well-known acting agencies over the years,  she primarily is drawn to dramatic and action roles that really mean something to her and impact her viewers.

Quick commentary from Genie Ems.
“I always loved acting and my first play was in the 4th grade, but when I turned 15 I really became attached and connected in a deeper way. Acting is much much greater than just playing a role. Connecting to the character, putting personal emotion into the character, and most importantly making the viewer feel what you are feeling is what makes me feel alive when playing a role.”


Hollywood Movie Scripts

Aside from being an acting talent, Genie is also an amazing scriptwriter! She has written a dozen move scripts ranging from a variety of genres such as drama, comedy, fantasy, and action.

Quick commentary from Genie Ems.

I love to write movie scripts. Everything that I write is for the big screen. It doesnt take me a long time to write a script because when I instantly have a great idea, I just want to get it all down. I in-vision the story, characters, location, scenarios, and everything flows smoothly. Being that Im an actress, it gives me a great advantage when it comes to writing scripts as I know what sounds authentic for an actor to say in a specific line and what doesnt. I am currently optioning a great comedy script that I wrote have with 2 well-known production companies.

Novels, novels, and more novels! Genie Ems has written dramatic, action, and fantasy novels too!

Quick commentary from Genie Ems.

Fallen Angel was my first novel. I have taken some time to write a couple of other novels these past 3 years. I always focus on what readers have to say, I have received great reviews for that book so far.

There you have it!  We’re sure to be seeing Genie on the big screen soon and her scripts! Follow her on Instagram @genie.ems

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