Fitness Guru Brian Keane Reveals the Ultimate Sleep Hacks to Improve Your Health

Health expert and fitness model Brian Keane has become an Amazon bestselling author following the release of his book, ‘The Fitness Mindset‘. The book has held the number one spot in nutrition since its release. In his book, Brian Keane, originally from Maam Valley in Connemara, Ireland, reveals the top tips to help improve health in every aspect of life.

He also explains how understanding your sleeping pattern can boost your energy, improve your will power and benefit your general health.

An estimated one in three adults do not obtain the recommended hours of sleep. According to the NHS, not sleeping enough can lead to immune system problems, weight gain and mood disorders in extreme cases.

Brian Keane said, “As someone who has been a notoriously poor sleeper, I understand how poor-quality sleep can affect people’s everyday lives. It can affect everything from your energy levels to your will power. We waste time falling asleep and spend hours in a light sleep state, which doesn’t have the same body and brain boosting benefits of deep and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Your sleep quality is more beneficial than your sleep quantity.”

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