Football Lads Alliance arrange march against terrorism

A peaceful march is planned across London on Saturday with at least 30,000 football fans from all clubs across the UK and Europe marching in silence to demonstrate their views against extremism. Also marching is the Veterans Against Terrorism group along with other notable former serving soldiers including Phil Campion former SAS Special Ops from SOFREP who will also be giving a speech.

Rivalries between football fans are legendary but this has all been put to one side as they join together to protect their children, grandchildren and families from the extremist threat prevalent throughout the world today.

The first march took place from St Pauls to London Bridge on the 24th June 2017 where around 10,000 football fans from many different clubs walked together for the first time ever as a peaceful protest against all extremism.

The Football Lads Alliance – also known as the FLA was founded on the 4th June 2017 by John Meighan and now boasts a membership of over 70,000.

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