Harlow Council proposals to support rough sleepers agreed by Government

Funding for Harlow Council’s proposals to help get people sleeping rough in the town into housing has been backed by the Government.

The Council will receive £260,500 for 2018/19 as part of a targeted Government £30m fund.

The funding will be used on a range of measures to provide specialist support to rough sleepers. These measures include:

• Employing a full-time co-ordinator to oversee services and support for rough sleepers.

• Funding two extra outreach/tenancy support workers to work for Streets2Homes.

• Providing support to help get people off the street and into settled accommodation suited to their needs.

• Extending severe weather provision across the winter period (November to February) so a range of different accommodation types can be provided to suit individual circumstances.

• Turning disused Council properties into short-term supported accommodation where up to six rough sleepers can stay and receive targeted support from Streets2homes.

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