How thousands of people spend Christmas Day

Figures from popular public information site GOV.UK give an insight into what people were thinking about on Christmas Day last year, from taxing their cars to searching for a new job.

Top 10 pages viewed on Christmas Day 2016 were:

1Bank Holidays – 41k pageviews

2Check UK visa – 34k pageviews

3Dartford Crossing charge – 28k pageviews

4Vehicle tax (taxing your vehicle) – 22k pageviews

5Check vehicle tax (checking if a vehicle has tax) – 22k pageviews

6Check state pension age – 18k pageviews

7Job search – 15k pageviews

8Check MOT history – 14k pageviews

9Check child maintenance – 13k pageviews

10Get vehicle information from DVLA – 13k pageviews

Bin collection – Other popular information over the festive period included details on bin collection day, which hit a peak of over 20,000 visits on 27th December 2016 (compared to only an average of 3,000 visits per day during the rest of the year).

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