Hunter DeBlanc talks music and future plans in candid interview

Singer-songwriter and pianist from Lafayette, Louisiana. Hunter deBlanc is a pianist and singer/songwriter based out of Lafayette, Louisiana.

We had a candid interview with him.

He tells us “For the past 10 years, I’ve been performing in piano bars for a living while working on my song-writing and production skills.”

Q. How did you first develop a love for singing and song writing?

A. I developed a huge love for music in the early 2000’s listening to bands like Something Corporate, Jimmy Eat World, Say Anything, and tons of others in that genre. I always had dreams of one day playing music for a living, and now I’ve found myself doing exactly that.

Q. What challenges have you faced in your journey so far?

A. The biggest challenge I have faced was the death of my younger brother in 2014. He had struggled with drug addiction for 10 years, and he ended up overdosing. I had just self-released my first EP, and I had never dealt with any kind of loss prior to that. I went from being on top of the world to being in the darkest place I’ve ever been.

Q. You have recently released your album, what can you tell us about it?

A. While his debut EP from 2014 titled “Something To Hold On To” was heavily influenced by Jack’s Mannequin’s “Everything In Transit” and Fun’s “Aim & Ignite”, his 2017 effort “Daydreaming” is a departure from this sound, and an exploration in a more indie-rock direction.

Daydreaming is a concept EP, with all the songs involving themes like night, day, time, and space. For fans of Passion Pit, Bastille, Capital Cities, The 1975, Vacationer, BLEACHERS, and M83.

“[Daydreaming] is a concept EP,” said deBlanc. “All the songs have to do with day, night, time, and space. It’s all a metaphor for the dark time I went through after my younger brother Alexander overdosed and died in 2014. I was on top of the world right before it happened. I had just self-released my first EP, I was living it up, and had never really experienced loss before. Then it happened, he overdosed, and I found myself spiraling into the darkest place I’ve ever been. It felt like an eternal nighttime, and I began struggling with my own addictions, which is what ‘Back 4 More’ is about in particular– the repetition of addiction, and continually returning to the same places night after night with a fear of being alone. The album was originally going to be called ‘Night Noises’ due to the initial darker tone of the first few singles, but at some point, I found the whole writing process to be very therapeutic, and I began to see things in more positive light. I battled my demons, and I decided to call the album ‘Daydreaming’ in order to end things on a more positive note, and shine some light on the recovery process, as opposed to keeping it hidden in the closet with my ‘skeletons’, as talked about in ‘Night Noises.’ That’s also why I made the decision to release the album on Alexander’s birthday, August 31.” 

Daydreaming is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and all digital platforms worldwide.

Q. Whats on the card for 2018?

A. In 2018, I embark on my first proper tour, starting in Australia. It will be called “Hunter Down Under.” And I also will be releasing a full length LP in the Summer of 2018.


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