Inside Kim Kardashian’s Solo Met Gala appearance

Kim Kardashian gnawed on pizza following her first ever Met Gala appearance without Kanye West – while still wearing her pure white dress.

The reality star curled up on a couch the same colour as her Vivienne Westwood gown to feast on a slice of the greasy food after walking the red carpet at the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art event.

She didn’t seem too worried about dropping the toppings on her dress – hopefully the corseted number could be bunged straight into the washing machine.

As well as hanging out in what looks to be a supremely fancy hotel room, Kim continued her own little after-party with baby sister Kylie Jenner, who had changed out of her nude fringed gown for the Met Gala and slipped into some comfy lounge wear.

Kylie still had on her blonde bobbed hair – thought to be one of her many wigs – and was pictured looking into the camera while snuggling up to her older sibling.

Kim had actually put her phone down for once to return Kylie’s embrace, but still made sure she stayed looking her best even at this most candid of candid moments.