Inside Recycle 4 Essex’s swap ‘til you drop event

Shoppers can update their wardrobes for free at Recycle 4 Essex’s swap ‘til you drop event.

A third of the clothes in the average wardrobe are never worn, so the swap shop is a perfect opportunity to clear out your unwanted clothes and accessories and swap them for some must-have outfits.

If you want to join this guilt-free shopping experience, simply bring your good quality items of unwanted clothing, which can be swapped for tokens and exchanged for any other item for free.

Cllr Simon Walsh, Cabinet Member for Waste and Environment, said: “Over a third of clothes in the average UK household haven’t been worn in the past year.

“That equates to around £1,000 worth of clothes per home, £30 billion in total, so there is clearly huge potential for people to be making much more from what they already have.
“This swap shop event is a fantastic event that will hopefully find these clothes new homes and extend their useful life, which is also great for the environment.”

The one-off event is being held at the High Chelmer in Chelmsford from 5 until 7pm on Thursday, 19 October, and is part of the Art of the Possible Festival.

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