An Interview with Author, Jennifer Juan

Jennifer Juan is the writer that is taking social media by storm. Today, she opens up to us about her latest book, her struggles in professional wrestling, her struggles with writer’s block, and her upcoming film.

Your new poetry collection “Last Of The Greenwich Glamour Girls” has just been released. What was your favourite thing about it?

I really loved writing the poem “Glasgow Caledonian”. I was in Glasgow for a little while, a few years ago, in this haze of romance. It felt like it lasted forever, until it was over, when it suddenly felt heartbreakingly short, and I’m glad I managed to write about it. He was really something.

How do you feel your writing has evolved over the years?

I think it has matured quite a lot. I think you never really stop learning new things about your voice as a writer, and as time goes by, I’ve discovered new things that I’m capable of, and a new confidence that allows me to cover far more subjects, and give a different perspective on things I’ve written about in the past.

You spent some time as part of the thriving British Wrestling scene, how is writing different from wrestling?

I think both are equally difficult. Training with Progress Wrestling was so rewarding, but, physically, and even emotionally, it was tough. I think writing can be similar, because while it may not be as physically demanding, emotionally, it is. I write a lot of autobiographical work, so I’m often reliving my best days, but also confronting the worst, and trying to build something from that. Both revolve around creating a completely new world for people to explore and enjoy, so actually, I’m not sure they are so different.

What was it like working with Jonathan Windsor in IPW:UK?

Jonathan is such a supportive person, and working as his manager was a great learning experience. He was very helpful and really helped me to get involved with matches, and be a bigger part of the experience for the audience.

What’s next for you?

Well, I have my film, “Ours”, which is in the final editing stages right now, and I’ve written a collection of short stories and poems based on that, which should all be released in the autumn. I’ve just launched a podcast, based around poetry and relaxation, so I’m really enjoying that. I’m hoping to tour in 2018 and really share my books with people. I’m busy but I like that.

Find out more about Jennifer Juan, and all her projects at or find her on twitter and instagram at @missjsquared.

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