An interview with DeAndre “LiL CHiZ” Chisholm

DeAndre “LiL CHiZ” Chisholm is an LA based rapper who is making some noise both home and abroad, with more music and shows coming in 2017 we pulled him in for a chat!

1. Tell our readers who is DeAndre “LiL CHiZ” Chisholm?
LiL CHiZ is a humble young man that is dedicated, works hard, but is always with the turn up if the time is right.

2. You spread a message you say needs to be heard, why is that ?
Because i think that there is not enough music that is just positive and fun. I always try to always have something positive for the ladies.

3. What are the challenges you face trying to break as a rapper in LA ?
There are so many rappers and there are quiet a few that make a lot of noise but have nothing to say. Those are the ones that make is hard for a real one.

4. You’ve in the past few years released so much music – how did you make that happen ?
I just stay consistant and always working. When I drop a project I am marketing and promoting that, but i am still in the studio working on new music.

5. What can we expect from you this year ?
This year i will be dropping yet another album. You will see me all over the place. Shows radio interviews, and so much more. I will continue working like always and doing my thing.

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