An interview with the inventors of the Silky Curls hair rollers that have the celebs talking

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Tamikia Samuels-McKiver and Judith Marie Jamison, the inventors of the new Silky Curls hair rollers that have the celeb hair world buzzing!

Ladies, will you introduce yourselves to our audience and tell us a little about your backgrounds. 

Tamikia: Hello my name is Tamikia Samuels-McKiver. I am a licensed cosmetologist, a cosmetology instructor, a salon owner and an inventor of the Silky Curls hair rollers. I’ve been in the hair care industry for over the past two decades. My specialty is healthy hair care management.
Judith: Hello my name is Judith Marie Jamison. I am a business expert, consultant, entrepreneur and inventor. I hold a Masters degree in Information Systems and a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. I am also a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

Tell us about your new invention Silky Curls rollers. 

Tamikia: Silky Curls is a patent-pending product, which is designed to create long-lasting spiral curls and deep waves without damage. Our patent consists of a flexible rod outlined in delicate silk fibers. It is specially designed to alleviate prints, creases and snagging, which is commonly encountered by traditional roller usage. Silky Curls eliminates the need for excessive heat and produces durable curls that promote healthy hair growth.

How did you guys meet and how did you come up with this great idea? 

Judith: Tamikia and I met in high school. We both attended Ben L. Smith High School in our hometown, Greensboro, North Carolina. Since the day we met we’ve been very close. Tamikia was always into hair, and I was into business. When I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, I found it difficult to maintain my hair the way that Tamikia did back at home. I am a lover of curls, so I tried rolling my hair with regular rollers. But over time, Tamikia noticed my hair was thinning. She suggested that I use satin hair rollers, but I couldn’t find any on the market that gave me the results I desired. That’s when Tamikia and I decided to design our own rollers. It took a couple of years to get it right, but we did it! Our product gave me the perfect curls I was looking for, and it didn’t break my hair. That’s how Silky Curls was born!

What makes Silky Curls unique from other products on the market? 

Tamikia: Without a doubt, I believe the quality of our rollers and the purpose they serve makes Silky Curls unique. We created Silky Curls to promote healthy hair growth. Our rods are made out of silk and strategically crafted to produce durable curls without snagging. Silky Curls has a proven track record. It works and all my clients love the results!

What can we expect in the future from Silky Curls? 

Judith: We are currently making a variety of sizes in our Silky Curls hair roller line to accommodate all hair lengths. The children’s line of Silky Curls is also in production. In addition, we are working on a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner with an edge control.

How can customers purchase your products? 

Tamikia: I am glad you asked! Please visit our company’s website at On our site are demo videos that will show you the before and after results. Our products are also available on Amazon and EBay. So check us out today! You will not be disappointed!