An interview with OUIFIE founder – Becky

– Tell our readers who is Becky?

Becky is from Taiwan, was known as a blogger, book writer, illustrator, creative director and a mother. Published a Top 100 Selling book called “Louer un appartement à Paris” (French, rent a apartment in Paris).

– How did the blogging work you did make you feel?

With all of the readers’ support for the past ten years, they contributed in every step of my lifestyle change, such like becoming a wife, becoming a mother, I feel I have lots of close friends staying with me, and usually give me support and also ready to listen to my life experience.


– Tell us more about the OUIFIE brand?

Simple design with superior quality bedding. Naturally 100% pure fine cotton. To enjoy the good quality from Europe should not break you an arm and a leg. Shopping at OUIFIE online can add smooth, classy style to your sleeping bed. Discover modern minimalist pick by OUIFIE brand. Make you understand less is more.

Passionate artisans make OUIFIE’s high-quality bedding at a world-renowned factory.

French design is made in Israel and shipped directly to you from Europe.

– What do you hope to achieve in the future?

OUIFIE is an advancement and creative new retail online business. Linked customers to suppliers, without extra cost, ship products directly to customer’s home. To level up people’s living quality is all I am interested in and makes me happy.

I would like to make people continue to experience the white and pure fine cotton. It’s very different solution to against the “fast” fashion trade since retail should have lots of new designs and lots of collections launched every month, but what OUIFIE offers is that goods should last for years and make people feel the pure natural cotton bedding.

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