An interview with Planet French Coaching

1-Hello, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
Hello, I’m a young entrepreneur, professional personal coach and writer, founder & Director of “Planet French Coaching”. I’m passionate about human experiences and cultural interaction. I have been coaching the French language for many years and I’m now on a world tour to spread my program to different cultures bringing French closer to people than it has ever been before.

2-Why did you decide to become a personal coach for French language?
French is most probably one of the most beautiful languages. In the same time… it’s my mother tongue.
It’s started when I was much younger, while I was a student at the university. My friend was an expat and had some troubles understanding the French language. So I had the opportunity to take her aside and help her. When I was able to show her a new and different approach to learn a language and she got it. I knew that I had chosen the right field. Also my mother was a real inspiration to me, she was a French teacher and I believe she is one of the major reasons I pursued a teaching and coaching career. Her ability to guide students, her fairness, and her sense of justice made me aspire to ring these things to my own members and clients.

3-How did you get your idea or concept for the business?
I’ve developed a close relationship to French language since my childhood. I have this ability to bring French close to people and make them speaking the language in no time but the business idea came to me when I travelled aboard and had to look for a job.
So one day I started talking about forming the company with a friend of mine. We made a business plan on a paper during breakfast. We moved to kuala lumpur together and we formed Planet French Coaching Sdn.Bhd.

4-What services do you offer?
Online One-to-One French Coaching, French courses and lessons available on our website, interpretation, translation, script writing, eBooks…

5. How do you advertise your business & services?
Branding and Identity are very important. But the best single action we can take to advertise our business is to do a solid work
We use social media as well
Events & Seminars

6. What is unique about your business?
Our program is based on personal human interaction rather than collective learning environments. Our strategy is based on personal one-to-one coaching.


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