An interview with rapper Kool Focus

1. Tell our readers who is Kool Focus? What makes you unique?

Well just like my name Kool Focus. I’m a Kool person to get to know. & I stay Focus on every thing I need to do in life. I’m very versatile & I don’t cuss in my music at all. That’s what makes me unique.

2. Having so many different talents which one do you favor the most?

Music is my number 1 talent. That’s what I focus on daily. Then I love to grew but just ain’t been having the time too. I’m to focus on my music.

3. WHat challenges do you face as an aspiring star in Michigan?

Just people not showing love since we in the same city. It’s hard to get the DJs here to play your music. & our radio station don’t show, up & coming artist no love.

4. In your song Look Look, – is there a story behind thee song? How did you come up with the concept?

Naw I won’t say it’s a story behind it. I just needed something catchy, hard, & clubby. Look Look, people say that allot with out even knowing it. It can be a replay in a game. & you say out loud to some one Look Look. Now I’m trying to get people to say it even more.

5. What can we expect from you in the rest of 2017 ?

Y’all can expect allot more videos. I got like 3 hard mixtapes I’m working on. Plus another one for the females. That will be dropping this yr. & I’m looking to do allot of shows. So have y’all promoters book me if you feeling my music. Check out my website as well, Get at me, UKnow!!!!