Ipswich man sentenced for street attack on young woman

An Ipswich man has been sentenced for a vicious night time street attack on a woman walking home in Brighton.

Stephen Jay (pictured), 58, self-employed, of Wrights Lane, Kesgrave, Ipswich was sentenced to two years imprisonment at Hove Crown Court on Tuesday (29 August) for the offence of causing actual bodily harm..

At about 3am on Sunday, 14 August last year, the 26-year-old victim was walking home alone after a night out in Brighton. As she walked up Gerard Street near the city centre she became aware of a man ducking behind cars as if trying to hide. She confronted him and asked why he was following her. She crossed Gerard Street onto the nearside pavement and was walking towards Ditchling Rise. Jay then hit her in the face several times; a witness saw the attacker’s hand around her throat and another over her mouth as he straddled her whilst on the ground. Concerned neighbours heard the screams and came to her aid.

Neighbours gathered up her belongings that had fallen from her bag during the unprovoked attack. A couple of days later the victim went to her bag and found that it contained a baseball cap that did not belong to her. This was sent off for analysis and found to have DNA from Stephen Jay within it.

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