Islamic Trust in Maidenhead faces probe

The Charity Commission has opened a statutory inquiry into Islamic Trust (Maidenhead), registered charity number 1034710.

The charity, based in Maidenhead, has objects to provide facilities of worship and educational services for individuals practicing the Islamic faith.

In 2016 the charity was included in the Commission’s class inquiry into charities that are in default for submitting their statutory returns for 2 or more financial years. The charity was removed from the inquiry after the overdue accounts were submitted, and the Commission provided regulatory advice and guidance to the trustees in respect to their legal obligation to file accounts on time.

Following the charity’s removal from the class inquiry, the trustees wrote to the Commission and provided assurances that the charity’s future statutory returns would be filed on time.
In February 2017, the trustees again failed to meet their legal obligations to file the charity’s statutory returns for the financial year end March 2016 on time. The trustees’ repeated failure to comply with their legal duties, particularly given the assurances previously provided, and the continued evidence of mismanagement and misconduct in the administration of the charity warrants further investigation from the Commission as part of an inquiry.