Kickstarter project to replace the unpopular toilet brush

A Gloucestershire man is hoping to raise millions of pounds for charity if he reaches his Kickstarter funding target of £50,000 for the Shiffter, a new invention which aims to make cleaning toilets ‘considerably less disgusting’ than using a toilet brush.

The idea is a simple one – instead of using a toilet brush to clean the loo, you use a jet of water.

Kam Mistry, inventor of the Shiffter, who has been working on the project in the evenings and weekends around his day job, said:

“This product isn’t rocket science, however it has the potential to become commonplace in hundreds of millions of homes across the globe. Let’s face it, does anyone enjoy using a toilet brush? Does anyone like picking up a used one? Instead of using a toilet brush and bleach to clean a toilet you just pick up the Shiffter, which is filled with water and sits next to the toilet, and use it to jet wash the bowl clean. The feedback from everyone who has seen it has been great as they can immediately see how it will make a currently unpleasant chore much easier and cleaner. It’s also more friendly to the environment as you end up using less bleach, toilet cleaner and water.”

Obviously talking about cleaning poo from a toilet bowl is something that we generally don’t discuss at the dinner table, and this is something Kam has thought about, but he sees it as an opportunity rather than a hindrance. In a world where video is easy to use for demonstrating how something works, it isn’t so easy for the Shiffter, as no-one wants to watch a movie of something so personal. To get around this, a short animation has been created to show what the product does and then, using chocolate spread, the Shiffter’s effectiveness is shown in a brief video.

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