Labour’s biggest nightmare is under way!

Labour’s dreams of victory now look like pure fantasy with growing evidence that disgruntled UKIP voters plan to switch to the Tories.

Analysis by the Mirror reveals that Jeremy Corbyn could lose up to 60 seats to the Tories from the UKIP collapse.

A senior Shadow Cabinet source said: “The message on the doorstep so far has been terrible. All the UKIP voters seem to be flocking back to the Tories and it is going to hit us like nothing before.”

Polls yesterday showed Theresa May on course for a decisive victory, with the Tories on 49% and Labour on 26%.

The Ipsos Mori survey showed UKIP, which won 3.8 million votes and came third in 2015, on just 4%.

Research by Daily Mirror shows there are dozens of Labour-held marginals which could turn Conservative if the UKIP voters decide to back Mrs May, who has adopted their flagship policies of a hard Brexit and a revival of grammar schools.