Leading record label Row Productions head to Spring Break Festival

Leading record label Row Productions are set to head to Spring Break Festival in Amsterdam next month.

The record label who have gone from strength to strength since their launch late last year are set to most of their roster including DJ SJ Rising Star, J-brooker, Shackz B, Justina, Braveheartlnd and many more!

Row Productions’ co-CEO James Brooker told us “I feel very proud of the way Row Productions have taken off in such a small amount of time, I never would have dreamed we would be performing at such a festival as spring break Amsterdam so I am very happy for the opportunity given to us to put Romford and the whole of Essex on the map, everyone is working hard giving 110 percent in there music and we won’t stop until we get where we want to be at the highest level possible, we need everyone behind us and the support has been amazing without our fans and base none of this would even be possible as we continue to grow.”

He added “I am literally ecstatic to be going to Amsterdam words can’t even describe it, it’s crazy and the dreams are turning to reality if someone told me when I first started we would be going Spring Break to perform i would have laughed.”

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