Local Early Dementia Therapy Club Launches

Innovative Aged Care the company behind Chelsea Court Place introduces The Day Club, a private member’s club for seniors with dementia. Launching in July 2017, The Day Club will provide evidence-based activities to its members to help delay and alleviate the symptoms of dementia.

The programmes have been developed in conjunction with the University of West London’s Dementia Care Centre Innovation Lab, which is creating the most effective ways of working with people who live with dementia alongside artists, scientists, technology, hospitality and design staff. Led by Mwaya Siwale, Head of Memory Care at Chelsea Court Place, the programmes have been curated using the latest research, techniques and innovations to deliver the very best early stage therapy. The programmes benefit from the expertise of Professor Victoria Tischler, Head of Dementia Care at the University of West London, and aim to alleviate and reduce symptoms of dementia, enhance cognition and nourish the mind, body and senses.

The Day Club activities utilise the latest neuroscience and psychological evidence showing that stimulating activities (e.g. involving art, music, language learning and storytelling) improve interactions, mood and mobility for people living with dementia.

The innovative curriculum comprises five programmes, developed with leading dementia experts, therapists and researchers:

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