London born author SAM SELIM’s latest book a game changer for corporate world

Sam, or “Sammy”, as he used to be called in his childhood – whilst living in West London, has been living in America, since 1982. His new nickname all these years? “Samajama”. Why? Well – I guess “Jam” means something different in America – it means you absolutely Rock at what you do haha, he says. As he cherishes and ponders his childhood years in London, he explains to us, how every moment and experience has led him to writing and publishing his recent new book – The Best How to Sell Book: Think the Think.

Sam, says that we as people, friends and professionals, are always the sum of all of our experiences – and the decisions we make to keep, and finetune the best parts. The biggest challenge, is really being aware of what are our best parts? He told us “I was in Hawaii last year, just driving around in a convertible Mustang, waking up at different beaches, with a nice Cigar and beautiful sunsets and sunrises. I realized that it was my first real vacation ever, because I didn’t have my laptop – and I was able to spend time alone and think a lot.”

He added “I had spent the last twenty-five years or more, selling! And I always kept a business journal to jot down ideas, thoughts, and after three full shelves of journals – I realized that there was a common and clear thread. It turns out that I had a Compass in life, a direction, a plan, and that I spent a lot of time and late hours doing self-assessments. Really, they were three shelves of awareness, direction and strategy – a journey! One of the biggest things I learned early in life, specifically on the streets and schoolyards of London, was to be a fighter, an overcomer – but most of all, to shake hands afterwards, and to be loyal and true to friends, and people in general.”

The book is about overcoming our biggest obstacle in life – ourselves, and the fake traps that society and corporate world try to convince us of. The book is about using dimensional systems that create a natural path, in business and relationships – to a natural win-win status. Ultimately, the book reveals a complete system of motion and traction that can make outcomes in life more predictable, especially in the world of selling.

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