Majority of Southend-on-Sea to get FREEwifi

Free public WiFi is coming to various parts of the Borough this September, with users able to enjoy unlimited free browsing without running up large bills for data usage.

The free wifi coverage will include Southend-on-Sea town centre, the central seafront area, Leigh Broadway and Hamlet Court Road in Westcliff-on-Sea.

The next-generation wireless service from IntechnologyWiFi offers blanket, seamless connectivity for users. This is unlike the sporadic, patchy and expensive experience of hotspots.

The wireless network will deliver a new digital dimension to the town’s economic and social wellbeing.

It will also provide a new connectivity platform for high-tech applications to improve the quality of life for local residents as part of the emerging Smart City and Internet of Things industries.

These could include schemes to improve parking intelligence and waste collection by using connected devices to gather and analyse data.

Cllr Trevor Byford, Executive Councillor for Technology, said: “For our economy to flourish, we need to be at the cutting edge of new technology and we are committed to delivering new infrastructure to support innovation and enterprise.

“Local businesses will be able to use the network to better engage with customers, adopt new technology and become more productive.

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