Man’s best friend more important than family on a caravan holiday

Having their dog with them is the most important part of a caravan holiday – so say 35% of customers.

The caravan insurance specialist asked over 400 of their customers* who or what is the “must-have” they cannot travel without and found that for over a third, having their dog with them is more important than taking:

• a comfy pillow (29%);

• electronic gadgets (24%);

• family (18%);

• books (15%).

Commenting on the study, Richard Burgess, Director at Cover4Caravans, said: “Do a quick search online and it obvious that pet-friendly caravan sites are very important to caravanners. And while our research confirms that dogs really are man’s best friend, we were amused that, for some of our caravanners, our four-legged friends take precedence over comfort – and family!”

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