Meet Durban’s Dazzling Diamond – Dr Nirvadha Singh

Her charismatic smile could light up a room; an exotic Indian beauty with elegance and poise to match. Upon getting to know her, you realise that there is more to the sweet smile, twinkling doe eyes and glowing cheeks.

She was spotted dazzling at the 38th Durban International Film Festival, on the red carpet of the Simon Sabela Film Awards, but behind the veil of charm and stunning natural features, is a brilliant intellectual who has been conferred the title of Ambassador of World Peace in India, Rajasthan.

She is Dr Nirvadha Singh aka DocN, who hails from Durban, South Africa and has her ancestral roots in Bihar and Jaipur. Being a medical doctor, she mesmerises her art as a wordsmith of her inspiring book; You: The Journey Begins, leaving her with both artistic and scientific wit, a rare gem in a pack of diamonds. Her past achievements included her managing Durban’s disaster preparedness for the FIFA World Cup Soccer held in South Africa in 2010, her high scale positions in South Africa’s music, medical and cancer industry where she executed her humanitarian side in aid of the underprivileged. Now we look forward to the first movie of this multitalented superwoman, which she is currently scripting with her team.

Durban’s Dazzling Diamond on the red carpet DocN draped in an exquisite orange and gold gown.

We asked the question, what next after the movie and close sources reveal that the raven haired author doctor is already working on another talent of hers! We are following closely to bring more information.

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