Music Producer ‘Thousand Times’ announces delay of second studio album

Music Producer ‘Thousand Times’ announces delay of second studio album

It’s been little less than a year since Thousand Times dropped his debut album ‘Road Maps’. The electronic, hip hop vibe of the album earned the music producer many new fans and got the attention on Charlotte-based recording artist ‘Adayla’. A chance encounter in the recording studio led to Thousand Times playing a couple instrumentals for the classically trained recording artist and the rest was history.


Fast forward 6 months later and the single ‘HIDEAWAY’ is just about ready to be released featuring another Charlotte star ‘Black Linen’. “We just finished the music video this past Saturday” says Thousand Times “I gotta admit that we’re pretty far behind schedule, its tough to make sure everyone can be in the same place at the same time”. “The main reasons I’m delaying this second album is quality control and making sure each track has a visual” says the music producer.


“Making sure this album is absolutely amazing is my number one priority, self-imposed deadlines are a distance second”. As of right now there has been no word when the album will drop but the single “Hideaway” with visual is slated for release on 9.20.17


In the mean time get familiar with Thousand Times debut album “Road Maps’ which is available though all platforms worldwide and on SoundCloud were it currently has over 3 million streams. .

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